Have you ever had a time in your life where you wished time would stand still? Maybe it was a wedding day or the birth of a new baby, just something that you loved experiencing. I’ve had several of those in my life, this week would be one of those. We sang at Dollywood to record crowds and the audience was fantastic. From there we went to a place where I sang with my father for the very last time. It was great seeing all the people I have not seen in over 12 years. Then we traveled on to Myrtle Beach with Bill and Gloria Gaither. Everything about it was great. The crowds, the weather, the friends, the music, the speaker, and the Spirit. Saturday night the Spirit of God fell and it was so good it became hard to breathe. I live for those moments when God is so close and so real. And today Jason and I rode with Bill and Gloria to Fayetteville NC. This is precious time for me. It never ceases to amaze me the things that I learn when around these previous people. Sometimes I’m reminded of things I should be doing but have slacked. Sometimes it’s learning a new way to present a song. The knowledge that they both have in a plethora of subjects is incredible. I sit there like a saucer needing to be filled. I am so thankful for the time we have has with them.
We had a singalong with Wesley Pritchard and Bill and the night was so fun watching those who have never had the chance to sing before Bill and Gloria get that chance. It felt so good to sit there and encourage them.
I guess I say all this to say that even though I feel exhausted, I love the life The Lord has given me. I want to live everyday to the fullest and do all I can to help, encourage, and bring hope and love. I am more determined than ever. I pray what we do makes a difference in the lives of those we encounter!


I guess the thing I like about my own blog is that I can vent and no one really has to listen or even read it. The last few days have been so emotionally overwhelming. My little 10 year old Simon died on Oct 16,2012. We have had him (dachshund)since he was 6 weeks old and he brought such joy to our family. He came to us after some great tragedies, such as the loss of my parents and my grandmother. When it seemed like there was sadness everywhere this little black bundle of joy came in and stole our hearts. I know there are people who might say oh wow get a life it’s just a dog. I understand that cause I was one, but then when it happens to you and the love fills your heart you act as crazy as the ones you thought crazy. I can remember holding Simon and crying over the loss of my parents and he just loved unconditionally. Having something to love and care for made things so much easier.

I still don’t get why life has to end. I just wish we could all live happily ever after till Jesus comes. I guess to everything there is a season. It was heart wrenching for our family to go to the animal hospital and one by one hug and pet Simon and say goodbye. He just sat up looked at us like, when are we going home. It was like a depressing movie. I hated seeing my girls cry once again over losing something. I think what I hated the most was how it affected Jason. He was heart broken and cried most of the night last night. He probably wouldn’t want you to know that. But Simon loved him so much.

Night is when I begin to think of these things. I’m glad night only lasts for awhile. Day comes with new things in store for all of us. I guess we must be thankful for all if the wonderful memories we have and make each day that we live count for good things! Life will have its ups and downs but we can live with great assurance that we can get through anything with the Lords help!


I’m sitting here on my first leg of 2 flights today. This flight is from Jacksonville to Las Vegas and to say the least it is a full flight. Jason, Amber and Autumn are all sitting somewhere else in the plane I am seated in the middle seat of 2 elderly ladies. The one on my right is very petite and very kind. The one to my left is very tall and slender and, well I don’t know if I can explain her. She is very eccentric and has her one leg on my side of the seat and is continually elbowing me in the side as she is half way in my seat and can’t seem to get settled. On take off she asked the lady on my right (we will call her p-lady))to raise the shade because she is claustrophobic. The lady looks at her and slowing raises up the blind. She whispers to me, wouldn’t it be terrible to be that way. I nod in agreement. I am desperately trying to keep both arms in my lap but it is a 3 and a half hour flight. I think I am going to go crazy. The eccentric lady (we will call her e-lady)is dressed to a tee in a navy blue suit. And her jewelry is very expensive. It seems as if she is very well off and used to everything being her way. She stands up in the aisle every chance she gets, until a voice comes on the speaker telling her to sit down. Reluctantly she plops down in the seat flops open her magazine and continues on w the poking me in the side. I wait for every opportunity for her to stand as it is my only time to relax. We’ve been on the plane now for 20 minutes. Only 3 hours and 10 minutes left.
Well it’s snack time and she gets out her banana nut bread and something else that looks and smells disgusting. I put my jacket over my nose and say my nose is cold so not to hurt her feelings but I think I’m going to gag. She also gets some cookies from the flight attendant and crumbs are everywhere. I’ll finish this note later as maybe I can close my eyes and the time will fly by. Oh no now she is sneezing uncontrollably. I wish I had ear plugs. Her husband or companion is seated in the seat across from her and I guess she doesn’t hear well because he speaks on volume 10 to her. I’m gonna try and sleep now.
Well that was short lived. The air is bumpy and I guess it is scaring her or making her nervous. She is hopping around in her seat. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for her, she is on my side and flings the arm of my jacket toward me as if it is in her way. I want to laugh but holding it in. The poor petite lady on my right tries to sleep. Wish I could. E lady accidentally pushes steward button instead of light. Flight attendant comes and she tells him it was a mistake but since you are here will you tell me what time it is here and what time it will be in Vegas? He tries to explain but she doesn’t quite get it. Plady looks up and asks what state are we flying over is it Arizona? No ma’am it’s Oklahoma. Very interesting she says. Now both are reading with their lights on. Me I’m giving you a play by play of my flight.
5 minutes later I kid you not, e-lady is standing in the aisle again. You can’t make this stuff up. She is hopping from one leg to the other. She decides to make her second trip to the restroom. I may join her. Hoping my battery will last until we get off this flight. 20 minutes later she has still not returned from the restroom. Maybe she is standing in the back. I knew I should have gone. 30 minutes later she is back. She reaches down to get her purse and it’s huge. She can hardly maneuver it. She gets a snack out and then frantically tries to zip it and get it back under her seat. She tries from the inside but can’t get it through her legs. Finally she tries from the outside in and successfully gets it in. She proceeds to ring the flight attendant for a drink. Whew. I’m worn out! Crumbs from her cookie are everywhere. As I sit here I think what would Jesus do? First thought in my head is, I am not Jesus. But I am supposed to be like him. Jesus was in the middle one time too. It was the cross. He was loving and forgiving in a very dark time in his life. So I try to think of something to connect with. She does not talk, at least to anyone but her husband and the flight attendant so I open my purse and I offer both the e- lady and the p-lady some gum. They both accept and smile. 10 more minutes and we will be on the ground. It really wasn’t so bad at all!

Florida was always my favorite place to go on vacation. Either the beach or Disney world, it was always fun. I live in Florida for the time being so everyday is a vacation. We have had a couple of weeks off and for one of those weeks my brother and his family came to visit. We have had a wonderful time! We didn’t do anything spectacular but spent a lot of time together. One night we played games and I realized that he and I are really cut from the same cloth. We got hysterical laughing at something no one else in the room would remember. Do you remember Lost in Space? The little robot would say as he waved his arms Danger Danger. I realize this makes no sense to you but we were out of control laughing. I cherish the times my family has together. I miss the times of my mother and father being with us and having so much fun. I say this so you will remember, it doesn’t last forever in this life. Cherish the time that you have now. Make every second count. It’s too soon gone.
Speaking of being cut from the same cloth, it’s really neat when you see that your child has your mama’s eyes, or your dad’s dimples. I have characteristics from both of my parents,some good and some I wish would have skipped me. I do hope that I can get even close to having attributes and characteristics like my heavenly Father. Am I kind? Do I love unconditionally? Am I trustworthy? Do I have compassion? So many qualities that I long to have. I’m not perfect by any means but as I get a little older (just a little I said 🙂 it is a priority for me to become more like Jesus!


This is my very first blog. I was encouraged to do this by my friends Tanya Goodman Sykes and Emily Sutherland. I hope anything I have to say will be worth your time of reading.

This writing thing is probably good for me. It makes me slow down and think about life. Speaking of slowing down, today I was on a road near our home. Cars were flying past me and then a stream of cars began to put their brakes on. I soon found out the reason. There was a policeman with his speed gun tracking speeders pulling them to the side for tickets. Thankfully this time I wasn’t speeding(I have gone too fast before)but it did provoke some thought in me. Life passes by so quickly and sometimes the Lord will put “speed guns” in our life to get us to slow down. Slowing down puts our attention on the things that are important like the Lord, our family and our life. Recently after a minor car accident I had that time of reflection. I can still hear the screeching of the brakes of the other car as it was coming straight for me. That several seconds I realized I am in a situation where I am completely out of control.
The one thing I find I am in control of is my time and how it is spent. I must be more diligent in spending time alone with God and thanking him for his blessings in my life. Pray for my family more. I don’t think we can ever pray enough. Pray that God will help me be an example and an encouragement to those around me. Lord help me realize the times that you are trying to get my attention and use it for your glory!

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