Remember the picture I showed you of the woman named Sabina? The grandmother who had raised 10 children of her own and now is raising 15 of her grandchildren in her 2 room shack with dirt floors? She carried a 6 month old baby on her back. One of her grandchildren. The mother of the baby has been in the hospital for 3 months and Sabina is afraid she will never come home, this leaving her with one more to raise. I can’t explain to you the poverty that I saw there. The roof was covered on the inside with grease and black soot. We prayed with Sabina and I looked up as we were praying and Sabina had big tears running down her cheeks. I hadn’t noticed that all the children had gathered around and folded their little hands in prayer and they too were standing hands folded to God praying to Him. I watched and wondered what their little minds were thinking about and what were they praying for? Did they want just a little food or some shoes on their feet. Or were they thinking and seeing their grandmother cry and praying that God would help her. I know you are probably tired of hearing about it but when you experience it first hand it does something to you. Especially when it is children who are affected. Sometimes you see these commercials on tv and you think well this is not real. They are making this worse than it is. I’m telling you first hand IT is REAL! It’s probably worse than I can portray it. Please join me in prayer specifically for Sabina and her family that God will supply all of their needs.