Have you ever wondered how God can love all of us? The sinners, the poor, the addicts, the down hearted, and people in every walk of life? God continually teaches me of his love and compassion for everyone. Recently we stopped at Waffle House after a concert. Sitting there I noticed a man who was reading a newspaper that had been left there from an earlier customer. I overheard the waitress say you can’t sit here unless you order something. He said could I just get a cup of coffee? She told him the cost and he emptied his pockets of all he had. The man was homeless and broke. He looked bewildered and sad. We motioned to the waitress without his knowledge and told her to give him whatever he wanted to eat but not to tell him it was us. She went to the man and said someone here wants to buy your meal. Now I wish I could explain in words how this changed this mans countenance. I watched as he went from a man embarrassed from life’s circumstances to a man who straightened his posture and put a smile on his face feeling like he belonged. His food arrived and he put his napkin in his lap and bowed his head in prayer. He sat there like a feasting king. It reminded me of Mephibosheth. Lame in both feet. You can read his story in 2 Samuel. He was invited to the Kings house and to his table to feast as the King David’s son forever. You might wonder how this poor lame boy could eat at the King’s table. It was grace. At the table Mephibosheth was like any other person. His feet were covered by the table. No embarrassing moments, no pointing, no laughing at him. He sat there, head held high as the King’s son.

Aren’t we all lame in some way or another? None of us are perfect and have it all figured out. We do not merit God’s grace because of our society or economic status. It’s given freely to all of us. Today I challenge all of us to go ahead and cover our lame feet under God’s table. Look at the table that He has set before us and bring him our poor wretched sin-filled lives. Know that it was taken care of on the cross of Calvary and now we can sit in Heavenly places with our Savior.