Just recently Amber and I were having lunch at one of my favorite places Shillings on the Square of Marietta. We had the greatest waiter whose name was Ed. He was so personable and began to share his story with us. His parents were from Russia and he told us how they worked 12-15 hours a day to barely put food on the table for the family. His eyes welled up with tears as he said they would stand for hours in line waiting for potatoes and water. When they got the chance to move to America and he said they cried the first time they went to a grocery store because they had never seen so much food. I thought of how we take so much for granted and how thankful we should be for everything God has blessed us with. I am thankful to live in the United States with our freedoms and plentifulness. God remind me everyday to thank you for my life, my career, my friends and family and mostly for you and your sacrifice for me!